How the Moon Influences Zodiac Signs

How moon influences zodiac signs

The moon is a powerful force to be reckoned with. It has been said that during each orbit, it travels through twelve zodiac signs and stays there for two or two and-a half days before moving on to another one in order make its rounds around our planet Earth . If you’re wondering what all the fuss is about when things seem out of control–maybe these effects from certain astrological bodies are shaking up your life!

How the Moon Moves Through the Zodiac

The moon makes a full rotation around the earth in 28 days. During this orbit, we can see that it goes through all twelve zodiac signs! It will stay within each sign for about 2 and half to three days (sometimes less). When our beautiful satellite is living in one specific area or house during any given month – like Aries-Taurus-, then there are deep stirrings happening here which may shake things up just enough so you might question what exactly does happen when people talk about “signs” within these houses? It sounds crazy but don’t believe everything those who deny such influence say…

How the Moon Moves Through the Zodiac

The moon makes a full rotation around the earth in 28 days. During this orbit, the moon travels through the twelve zodiac signs. It will stay in each sign for about two or two and a half days.  When the moon is “living” in a zodiac for that time, it poses deep stirring and unique sensations.  If you’ve even questioned “What the heck is going on?” when things get crazy, it might be the moon influences on zodiac signs that are shaking things up.

Moon Influence, Symbolism and Personality

Lady Luna is a marvelous, magical celestial feature that has the ability to transform our oceans, affect our mood and animal behavior and even influences our weather.  On a symbolic level, the moon is a subtle figure in the heavens.

The moon is a surreptitious power in our lives. It stirs up stuff that isn’t so obvious, and it impacts ephemeral delights such as dreams, intuition and elusive perceptions – but if you think about it the moon makes no light of her own. In this way she can be symbolic for shadow (the things we hide), secrets or hidden wisdom; meaning these are aspects which may not always come easily to mind when considering each sign’s personality traits!

The sun shines down from above every day with great brightness until its rays hit an object(such as Earth) preventing total darkness all around us.

Tracking the Moon Through the Zodiac is a Good Idea

The moon can be a great guide to help you plan your days. It has the power to influence different emotions and sensations, which in turn impacts intuition so that its phases are worth tracking for future events or activities planned during this time frame when influenced by them. For example: If Aries was currently ruling over us (and all other signs), then starting something new would certainly make sense!

The moon is a powerful force, and it can be hard to keep track of all its influences. I recommend you make time for self-care every month by keeping an ephemeris or diary in which your moods are recorded as they relate with what sign the new Moon happens too! For more information on how this works see below:

A good Ephemeris will guide us through our path during each month while guiding astrological signs based around 2 things; whether we’re feeling romantic (Sagittarius), ambitious & motivated(Aries) etc… Keeping Track alone may not seem like much but if combined could provide valuable insight that would help better understanding oneself.

Once you’ve established the course of the moon through zodiac wheel, there are many ways for which it can influence our lives. Here’s a few ideas: The sign that has their Moon in ascendancy will often feel more intense and passionate than usual while on its negative side people born under Scorpio may find themselves with feelings or mood swings similar to an emotional swing from anger into sadness without warning; how about those Aries? They need not worry because most likely if someone is having trouble coping then this means he/she needs something unstable around so as longs we have Cancer next door things should go back




How the Moon Influences Zodiac Signs for Each Sign


The Moon in Aries 

Moon Influences in Aries


This moon is a blessing for new projects and putting ideas into play. If you are starting a business or launching on your fitness routine, the Aries’ passionate energy will make it successful! This means that while this influence may bring some great successes in life there might also be times where things fade away quickly without staying power because they were only temporary beginnings which need more planning before moving forward with them permanently.”

Stuff to Do When the Moon is in Aries

  • A great time to initiate new projects for the short-term.
  • Shake things up and dive into an adventure you’ve always wanted to try.
  • Be spontaneous or follow a hunch – this moon favors impulsive moves.

    The Moon in Taurus

    Moon in Taurus


    The moon cycling through Taurus zodiac sign will render focus on physical pleasures, money issues and values. It’s a time to assess trust issues; redefine our ideas of happiness and satisfaction for those Two’ish day stay in this phase!

    Stuff to Do When the Moon is in Taurus

    • A good time for starting long-term projects, particularly around the home.
    • Take the day off, rest, relax and savor the simple pleasures of life.
    • Change your look, or rearrange furniture, indulge and buy something special for yourself.

      The Moon in Gemini

      Moon in Gemini


      This moon visitation is a great time to get social and go exploring. It blesses brainstorming, communication and travel! This could mean mental movement through communication or physical movement like travel- what’s going on in your zodiac sign that this influence applies too? Gemini’s love for new experiences means they are constantly searching for ways of expressing themselves more fully than before which can lead them down some interesting paths if not careful but luckily there are plenty who will help guide these ventures with open arms along the way (Libra).

      Stuff to Do During Moon Time in Gemini

      • Take a trip and submerge yourself in the local culture.
      • Pay close attention to how and what you are communicating
      • Mentor someone by sharing your wisdom, you both will benefit from learning.

      The Moon in Cancer

    • Moon in cancer


      This moon encourages you to focus on your relationships, emotional support systems and matters of the home. You may feel unsteady or restless during this time as it is a transit for re-connecting with things that make us feel safe, comfy and stable. This also gives an opportunity mending fences forgiving others while still maintaining healthy boundaries between oneself And another person in order to share emotions without getting too carried away which can lead into unhealthy territory sometimes!

      Stuff to Do When Moon Transits Cancer

      • Get more in touch with feelings, and exercise your intuition.
      • Do gardening or do something physical that makes you feel satisfied.
      • Make time to spoil loved ones, plan a fun dining date or party with friends or family

      The Moon in Leo

    • Moon in LeoLeo
    • The moon is in Leo, and you should tootle your horn. This is a time for indulgence as well- it’s also an auspicious occasion that will help make anything happen more easily! While the sun rules over our goals at work or home life; Leos take care of romance here on Earth: with its generous devotion (to us), this full Moon brings desires into fruition by way of increased self-confidence when dating too – so go ahead– indulge yourself today if only just a little bit….

      Stuff to Do With the Moon in Leo

      • Ask for a raise, go for that promotion, or seek recognition for your accomplishments.
      • Pay it forward by sharing your resources with others.
      • Do something you love, especially if it’s something you haven’t done in a long time.

      The Moon in Virgo

      Moon in Virgo

    • Virgo

      The moon is in Virgo, which means it’s time to tidy up all of your loose ends and clean house. You should start with a deep-cleaning session for yourself (get those extra pounds out!) before tidying anything else up! For people born under the sign of Mercury or Venus however this may be an ideal opportunity: organize what needs organizing; execute plans efficiently by making decisions now so there are no pesky details left unexplored at least until tomorrow morning when we get back into our regular routines again after these two days’ worth’ve distractions have passed us by then…

      Stuff to Do While the Moon Visits Virgo

      • Double-check your plan, details, and arrangements. Whether it’s travel or a board meeting, make sure all the ancillaries are covered.
      • Spend time in nature, especially around animals.
      • Take time to read that book or take that art class you’ve been wanting to check out for awhile.

      The Moon in Libra

      Moon in libra

    • Libra

      The moon influences zodiac signs when passing through Scorpio in interesting ways. This can make for a very heavy or intense time, depending on your sign! You may find these few days to be quite revealing and meaningful – meaning the moon tends disclose secrets & hidden truths that are best revealed during this phase of its cycle since it brings out our intuitive sides from deep within us (which helps us access more psychic perception).

      Stuff to Do When the Moon is in Libra

      • Meditate, journal, enhance personal awareness.
      • Make a game plan for a goal. Work out the steps and make order out of lofty ideas.
      • Avoid stress, stay neutral and try to keep away from situations that may cause conflict or confrontation.

      The Moon in Scorpio

      Moon in Scorpio

    • Scorpio

      The moon influences zodiac signs when passing through Scorpio in interesting ways. This can make for a very heavy or intense time, depending on your sign! You may find these few days to be quite revealing and meaningful – meaning the moon tends disclose secrets & hidden truths that are best revealed during this phase of its cycle since it brings out our intuitive sides from deep within us (which helps us access more psychic perception).

      Stuff to Do When the Moon is in the Sign of Scorpio

      • Walk down memory lane. Peruse old photos, talk to family members about ancestry and your family tree.
      • Get stable and grounded by taking a nature walk, go canoeing or camping.
      • Think about attending a drum circle or a sweat lodge ceremony to tap into your inner wisdom.

      The Moon in Sagittarius

      Moon in Sagittarius

    • Sagittarius

      This is a great time for self-expression, getting crafty and exploring creative pursuits. These few days, while the moon is in Sagittarius, are ideal for expanding the mind as a means to get re-inspired and rejuvenating the soul.  The point to this moon influence is broadening perspectives and getting jazzed about new ways of experiencing life.

      Stuff to Do While Moon Travels Through Sagittarius

      • Go traveling to expand the mind. If you can’t take a trip, consider lucid dreaming or astral travel.
      • Take a course in something that’s always intrigued you, but never got around to doing.
      • Start writing that book, or painting that portrait. Go for creative endeavors.

      The Moon in Capricorn

      Moon in Capricorn

    • Capricorn

      This is a great time to solidify plans and nail down details that win the deal.  Thoughts tend to focus on matters of responsibility, especially financial issues.  The moon influences zodiac signs like Capricorn in ways that beg for order, structure and definition.

      Stuff to Do When the Moon is in Capricorn

      • Getting your affairs in order and make inroads in planning for the future.
      • Take a look at your finances, balance your checkbook, and remove needless monthly subscriptions you no longer use.
      • Start a new health routine and commit to a better, healthier lifestyle.

      The Moon in Aquarius

      Moon in Aquarius

    • Aquarius

      This is a great time to shake things up, make some changes and break away from the routine. This moon has a funny way of inspiring us and providing unique ideas we might not have thought of a few days prior when the moon was hanging out in another zodiac sign. It’s a ‘big picture’ kind of vibe that can be very exciting.

      Stuff to Do While the Moon is in Aquarius

      • Get the gadgets. If you’ve been craving the latest tech doohickey, this is a good time to buy it.
      • Get to the truth. If there’s something that you’ve been curious about, do research and uncover the knowledge you seek.
      • Make some changes. Adjust your routine, and do something out of the ordinary.

      The Moon in Pisces

      Moon in Pisces

    • Pisces

      This is another great time for intuitive enhancement.  Also, touch base with your dreams and feelings during this time. You may feel protective walls crumbling during this brief time when the moon is traveling through Pisces. That’s a great time for healing, forgiveness, and focusing on things that honor who you are.

      Stuff to Do When the Moon Visits Pisces

      • Follow your bliss. Devote time to projects that inspire and augment your imagination.
      • Do a cleanse. This is a good time for a detoxification of impurities both in your body and your emotions.
      • Pamper yourself with water-centric excursions such as a spa, a boat trip or a retreat to the beach.