American Astrology Wheel: Comparison of Zodiac Signs and American Zodiac Animals

American Astrology Wheel

Astrology has been around for thousands of years and it’s popularity can be seen in the way that our ancestors were willing to take on this study out Jupiter, Saturn or Mercury. Vedic Astrology is still important today though many Hindus consider themselves “pro-astronomy” because they believe what we learn from studying stars helps us with decisions about life choices such as who should marry whom? Today Mayan astrologers are influencing people across America when considering 2012 prophecies which may seem like another dooms day prediction unless there’s some hope coming soon.

However for many, in the west, astrology signs are popular more as a fun pass time. Many of us, whether we admit it or not, will check out our daily horoscope in a magazine or newspaper.

Astrology is the study of how celestial bodies affect our lives. It’s been around for centuries and some contemporary astrologers don’t agree that these things can have an influence on us but instead appreciate where we are being mirrored by what happens up there in space, down here on Earth – so when something happens like someone passing through Cancer or Capricorn while they’re still visible from your birth chart then it triggers similar energies inside you too. It may be triggered within us but equally as likely within animals, trees, places and everything on this planet.

A telling aspect of astrology, The study of astrology has been around for a long time and it can be seen in most cultures. For example, the Native Americans still use some aspects about their culture to make decisions today even though they aren’t completely aligned with western star signs or horoscopes

-The input focuses on why this might affect our judgmental views towards whether it’s right that man should care about what stars have predicted for them (they mention how studying Astrology could help people understand themselves better)  but also spends majority space talking at length about one specific case: The Lakota tribe which was heavily influenced by Russia before ever meeting British settlers so much as glance’s

Comparison of American Zodiac Symbols with Zodiac Signs

In contrast to the modern western world view, Native American Astrology views humanity as part of nature. This is best seen in how it treats animals – not just humans and their culture are valued but also all creatures great or small that live on this land with them; its rituals revolve around seasons and animal groups like birds that fly overhead during certain times each year (displaying seasonal changes).

For a long time now I’ve been fascinated by these two very different ways people throughout history have viewed themselves: one looking inward toward oneself–their needs first then those around him/herself second-the other placing emphasis outward onto others.

The Medicine Wheel is a powerful symbol in Native American philosophy. It can be seen as unity or convergence, not separation and isolation like many people believe

The year has four important sections: the clans which are then divided into three each time you fold it back on itself for another perspective of how complex life really becomes when looked at from all angle. The circle or hoop is split into 12 sections, not unlike that of the western astrological zodiac.

Many of us our aware of the zodiac sign we are born under and come to know ourselves, for example, as either an Aries or Virgo. In Native American Astrology Animal Totems are used instead of an astrological sign.

To find out more about your personal animal totem click on the link below that corresponds to the time of year you were born.

  • Red Hawk & Aries
  • Beaver & Taurus
  • Deer & Gemini
  • Woodpecker & Cancer
  • Salmon & Leo
  • Brown Bear & Virgo
  • Raven & Libra
  • Snake & Scorpio
  • Owl & Sagittarius
  • Snow Goose & Capricorn
  • Otter & Aquarius
  • Wolf & Pisces

Red Hawk And Aries

People born at this time are full of energy and passion. They may take on new challenges with enthusiasm, or be driven to start a project they’ve been thinking about for some time without any hesitation whatsoever! These individuals have an understanding that comes from within themselves; it’s not something you can just understand by reading tarot cards like in the movies- though many people do believe there is more than one way to get insights into your future prospects through fortune telling methods such as these (I myself am extremely skeptical). In Western astrology Mars rules over our drive/motivation aspect so if we’re talking personally then perhaps those qualities stem directly outtalk me.

Characteristics of the Red Hawk show some resemblances to the symbolism of Mars. Heralds of the hawk are powerful creatures that take flight when their desires motivate them. The restrictions on earth no longer apply, as they soar into open skies and have an advantage over prey below. As if empowered by magic from above comes this freedom-loving bird who will do anything for its next meal – so too do those born under Mars’ sign set out into new territory with little regard to what others think or say about them in order not just survive but thrive. The Red Hawk can be found in the east on the medicine wheel directly opposite the Raven,a creature who can teach the Red Hawk so much.

Beaver And Taurus

People born at have a strong practical element to their nature, making them steadfast and reliable. The Native American beaver is known for its furry tail and the dams it builds. This animal’s totem reflects this need to create security, which stems from a history of European colonization in North America that decimated their peoples’ natural resources like fur-bearers did before them (and still do today). The Beaver likes things stable; he has few desires outside what needs constructing or maintaining on his own terms so as not disrupt any more than absolutely necessary – even if those rules seem unfair at first glance!

The tone should reflect casual conversation, a structure that helps protect him against the rough world outside. In Western astrology the Taurus individual is happiest if he can see all his worldly possessions around him, protecting him from a dangerous world. The Taurus individual may need to feel, somewhere underneath, that the possessions he has worked so hard to get, really will protect him from misery, they really will bring him true happiness in some way. If you are born at this time a part of you may relate to the need to build a world around you that is so secure, a world that is crisis free. The Beaver individual can learn much from its natural partner, the snake, found in the west on the medicine wheel

Deer And Gemini

People born at this time are often very inquisitive and active. They need to be constantly stimulated, so it’s no surprise that Mercury is an important planet for these folks! In the west they come under Gemini in astrology (a sign known as “the twins”), but if we look eastward onto Native American Medicine Wheels there’s one totem which portrays how people born with quick senses can use those assets: The Deer symbolizes swiftness; sharp hearing/sight–and man doesn’t have any cardio-pulmonary mechanism like deer do…so he might want t0 think twice before chasing down his next prey. Their ability to move swiftly and softly through their surroundings enables them to assess the surroundings faster than any predator.

The Gemini individual will often be mentally one step ahead of others and before they have had a chance to notice. The only pitfall for these people is their need to constantly keep moving, which sometimes makes it hard for them ground themselves in long term projects. The Elk energy found opposite the Deer on an east-west axis mimics this situation perfectly; you can learn much from studying what he does differently than other energies.

Woodpecker And Cancer

People born at this time have a sensitive and protective streak to their nature. Their roots can be a huge part of their lives. These individuals will understand the meaning and importance in nurturing, from creating gardens or children’s flowers beds; they also have an amazing ability to support anything that is dear to them – whether this be themselves or someone else! For these people though (and we all know how much time goes into caring), there are some drawbacks too: on one hand it may give you more joy than others when helping those who need your assistance blossom at first glance but on another level being loved so deeply by everyone around us could make things difficult because then no matter where somebody stands within society- he/she feels judged.

On the other hand The woodpecker and snow goose have an interesting relationship. The bird that lives north of them, in the medicine wheel teaches a valuable lesson about letting go for these individuals who find it hard to let go or worse case scenarios may smother what’s dear too them like how they are compelled by their own nature not stop pecking away even when its getting painful since there is great insights gained from this parallel opposite creature -the beautiful white feathers on top represent peace while underneath lies destruction but still our protagonist wants more territory so he keeps up this cycle until finally realized nothing else matters other than yourself

Salmon And Leo

People born at this time have a great strength. The best way to describe the Leo energy is by using an example. When we talk about how passionate and determined they are, it’s like a fire that feeds off itself – burning hot but also intensely beautiful in its brilliance! A salmon may be born at this time because their fiery passion triggers immense willpower which leads them down paths of creativity where survival isn’t guaranteed each day. They’re willing risk themselves for what matters most- bringing home food so everyone can eat together afterwards.

The Salmon energy is found in the south, when life exudes a sense of calm and serenity. Our soul needs to engage creatively if we want true experience; but like any other action it must be done with care for our mental well-being as this cannot flourish without detachment from distractions that may arise due southward motivation The Otter qualities can impasse important wisdom at times where there are too many distractions arising close by ____

Brown Bear And Virgo

People born at this time are practical and dutiful. They enjoy routine and are best when serving others. Although these individuals are followers rather than leaders, they are renowned for their intellect and have a inquisitiveness that can get them into trouble. In Native American tradition people born at this time are represented by the brown bear which can be found in the south on the medicine wheel. The Brown Bear is a nosy, intelligent animal that likes to investigate things and ask questions. It’s also introverted like the Virgo human counterpart–they can sometimes have strong analytical abilities but are often cautious with what they do in order not get into trouble.

The Native Americans see this curiosity as practicality; though their imaginative methods might involve using tools such as berries or fish traps rather than asking for advice from someone wiser (which would be considered socially acceptable behavior). Also people born at this time can also possess these qualities. Bear individuals are strong and often find themselves alone, but that doesn’t mean they have to stay in isolation forever! Learn how being more sociable will make you a better person- learn about cougars from the North (represented by Cougar) totem placed opposite of them on your medicine wheel; it would be good advice if we had talked earlier because then maybe things would’ve gone differently between us.

Raven And Libra

People born at this time have strong peacekeeping skills. They are most at home when there is harmony around them and can feel quite unsettled with conflict. In western astrology individuals born at this time fall within the sign of Libra. The Bear and Cougar are two animals that represent the qualities of people born at this time. The strength in these personalities comes from being sociable, yet they must learn how not to isolate themselves too much around others or become isolated like a cougar would do with its prey before killing it. You can find your own character growth through linking up directly opposite these totemic creatures on either side – North for bears (possessing more bravery) whose insight comes from studying what is south; east which represents intelligence while west brings forth imagination as well as cooperation between Ravens who enjoy socialization but still have independence

The raven individual’s traits seem opposed at first glance since one animal prefers company and another does not mind. The color-changing legend hints at the contrast between our shadow side and true spiritual nature. Like a hawk, or woodpecker Raven individuals are leaders who can bring balance in life—and they’re able to act as diplomats because of this skill set that provides them with necessary abilities for success on top level offices (especially where there might otherwise be disharmony).

A person’s personality type likely will determine whether he/she has trouble finding harmony within himself; if so then such inability could lead one down an abyssal path towards destruction instead of enlightenment. For those Ravens who are experiencing ongoing unresolved conflict it could be a case of being too selfless, through a need to please others. It is the Hawk, who resides in the east on the medicine wheel, that can teach the Raven so much about love of thyself.

Snake And Scorpio

People born at this time are emotionally deep but are inclined to keep their feelings to themselves. The secretive nature of these individuals, known as Scorpio’s in the west, has given them some bad press over the years. In native American astrology the Snake totem, found in the west on this medicine wheel represents people born around 1905. If we image a snake moving through wild grass it is possible to feel its secretive silence and perceive only what life offers at that moment before being overtaken by movement once more- like an individual forced into emotional extremes then emerging rejuvenated but perhaps without understanding where these feelings came from or how they were produced because there’s so much going on all around us constantly yet simultaneously unnoticed -a lot can happen during those extraordinary moments when everything becomes clear. With its ability to shed skin, the serpentine creature is an intriguing and captivating being. It has so much power through this transformative moment that it takes on new life with each transformation; however their challenge lies in finding stability without attracting crises for perpetual change. The Beaver energy found on east side of our medicine wheel teaches them about what these two things mean: one being structure while another provides benefits from within same boundaries as a good thing evolves into greatness over time

or should we say “from nothing great ever came something even greater.”

Owl And Sagittarius

People born at this time tend to be philosophical with a broad minded view towards life. For this reason they can be natural teachers. In the west these people fall under the astrology sign of Sagittarius. The Sagittarius individual is also renowned for its wisdom. The Owl totem, in Native American astrology found on a medicine wheel west of one’s position marks this time and represents people born at this moment who have an ability to see much even when it’s dark which could hint towards strong inner intuition and perception as well. In the jovial nature we find Santa Clause himself. The owl represents wisdom in the east, and owls are more jolly than shrewd. However if you bring these two together we can see that they both have lessons to learn while on earth; for one isn’t paying attention to important details which lead them astray from their goal (not attending), or thinking too highly of themselves without taking into account others’ opinions–which could cause a downfall later down life’s road as well! For this reason an individual with either animal totems would do well learning about what other people think before acting upon impulse- because Broadmindedness

Snow Goose And Capricorn

People born at this time, under the constellation of Capricorn, possess the ability to be practical and organized. These individuals have the potential to hold authority in what they choose to engage in. This article talks about how the Native American tradition of ice and snow geese is relevant for today’s society. For those born under this sign, they are often found in leadership positions as well-leading projects or organizations with meticulous attention towards detail. Additionally these people might have an affinity to them because it brings balance between their purity from beginning which other may not appreciate so much like us “lesser beings.”.

However the opportunities that come with such beginnings are a blank canvas, a huge potential for those who possess practical leadership qualities. The Snow Goose is also a creature that is methodical. The Snow Goose, when migrating, may fly thousands of miles each year in a V shape. At the head of the formation is the female leader. The leader will be the strongest, she help to break up any wind for those who fly immediately behind her but slightly side-on. Her position is intentional as it allows clear vision of where geese are going without obstruction from other birds in flight or by being centered like an umbrella when a light breeze blows outwards too quickly for comfort!

The next group on this list has stronger individuals that follow suit; they take weight off their teammates shoulders so everyone can stay afloat longer than expected. These people are methodical and orderly. They have excellent organizational skills, which makes them perfect for working in an organization where order must be maintained at all times – like a Snow Goose’s flock! These geese also know their place within the group hierarchy; if someone has more authority than you then it’s okay to respect that person because they will tell us what needs done first (and sometimes better ways).

This could symbolize Capricorn traits: deep value placed upon respecting authority whether or not one agrees with its methods. The snow goose is a Capricorn individual who has practical meticulous authority, but in the process of attending to matters that they choose to engage in through having such qualities can become out-of touch with their emotions. For this reason you may notice these people grow from following the wisdoms found on south next door at your medicine wheel–the Flicker just waiting for some company!

Otter And Aquarius

People born under the constellation of Aquarius, can be logical, independent and to some degree eccentric. The otter is a playful creature who likes to socialize but doesn’t attach itself too much. In Native American tradition, this independent energy is represented by the totem of an Otter found on land northward from one’s medicine wheel (which I would imagine has been redrawn). The meaning differs slightly between astrology practiced in America or Europe though both will tell you that it means something along those lines: “playful”, maybe. In Native American These otters are just like their animal counterparts, who will mourn the loss of one of their young or partner. They also do not follow any pattern that is expected from within society; they’re unconventional in this sense which may seem refreshing at first but there can be limits too far when it comes to how ‘out-there’ you want your unique traits and appearance on life really be? Some individuals born at this time may find it hard to belong to society and for this reason the pride and demonstrative nature of the Salmon personality, found in the south on the medicine wheel, can teach the Otter much.

Wolf And Pisces 

People born under the constellation of Pisces can possess a high degree sensitivity and intuition. These people are so sensitive that they can lose themselves to others. Native American tradition sees these individuals as possessing qualities similar to the Wolf, who has traditionally earned a bad reputation for being both predator and prey in its natural environment but also having strong emotional bonds with those it spends time with–like humans do! The birth of any new pup at this stage will depend heavily on relationships past present or future; if you were already paired off before now there’s not much else worth looking forward too because everything ends eventually…unless things get really messy (as all good things should). Wolf people, found in the north on a medicine wheel can learn so much from their bear totem. Although these individuals may experience some suffering through losing themselves to others they have an ability that will help them thrive as long as they discover what it means for their spiritual self like how wolves hunt but don’t just eat food – instead search out meaning when chasing down prey by catching glimpses of philosophy religion or spirituality.

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