What are the Earth Signs in Astrology : Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo

What are Earth signs in Astrology

In astrology, the Earth Element symbolizes the practical meaning of life, stability and the material side of things. The Earth signs are Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.

In Astrology, there are four Elements, or triplicities, each consisting of three signs. The Earth signs are Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn . Earth is the most energetically stable and secure Element, the one with the slowest vibration and therefore the densest. This Element symbolizes the practical meaning of life, stability and the material side of things. The constant search for stability and security makes this Element difficult to deal with sudden changes. Allied to Earth is productivity and power. With an energy that influences the capacity for solid and consistent achievement, for this Element, making gains is of paramount importance. On Terra there is a greater affinity with limits, with the material world and the physical senses.

What are Earth Signs?

The Earth Element in Astrology means substance and practicality, being the driving force of the signs Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. Generally speaking, Earth signs improve with age as they never stop evolving as they become more and more aware of themselves.


Taurus, Fixed sign , walks heavily but gracefully. Live calmly and wait for the best time to act. He has a remarkable capacity for work but does not allow anyone to change his pace. You also need time to become aware of your feelings and what you want. This sign undertakes a constant search for the pleasures’ provided by the material and earthly spectrum. For Taurus, the important thing is the gains and advantages that the land and Nature provide him.

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With Virgo, nothing is left to chance. It has an answer for everything, the result of its intense and careful planning. All details are considered, variables analyzed, risks weighted. With a detailed nature, this sign relentlessly seeks perfection and can be very critical, systematic and at times monotonous. For the Virgo, it’s the security generated by routine and habits that keeps this sign moving.


Capricorn,  sign , is the most patient of all earth sign traits. Ruled by Saturn, god of Time, it has a personality that improves over time. Your maturity grows as you become more aware of yourself. It is a wise sign, fruit of your experience. Naturally stubborn, rigid and pessimistic, your aim is to achieve stability and security.

What does it mean to be an Earth Sign?

The symbolism of Earth is linked to stability , construction , permanence . This is a practical personality full of common sense, who works unhurriedly and continuously in order to achieve his goals, without ever losing focus on the goal.

Earth, tends to be introspective, patient , passive and empathetic , and has a very particular relationship with time . With a calm and cool nature, the Earth signs are resilient, endowed with great willpower and resilience. They are loyal “builders” and maintain their inner strength in difficult times. Unlike the Fire Element personality , Earth patiently lays the groundwork to then ground and sustain its growth.

Earth is the most security-conscious and practical Element of all. Out of chaos, it creates form; it has the vocation to shape matter. Its energy is focused on meeting basic needs – safety, food and warmth. Balanced Earth is tolerant, patient, efficient, constant and realistic. The lack of this Element suggests a personality steeped in its own emotions, with scattered and unstable energy.

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Given their nature, Terra personalities need to ground themselves, to put down roots – to feel the safety of their feet buried deep in the ground. This is the foundation on which they cement all their possibilities for material and personal development. Earth is wealth , abundance and patience . They are sensory people, who feel by touch. They value physical proximity , contact with the environment and people more, than mental connection.

They are also practical people , who deal extremely well with the material plane and who work hard to obtain resources that will bring the security they aspire to. As such, the natives of this Element are not adept at change. Earth signs value order and try to follow established patterns without taking too many risks in zodiac signs.

Due to a highly objective posture, the level of creativity can be compromised, with no room for fancy ideas. Despite being tolerant and patient people, stubbornness and inertia make them natives of fixed ideas and pushing them to their limits can provoke unpleasant reactions.

In excess in the birth chart, the influence of the Earth Element can lead to the overvaluation of material goods, as an essential means for the feeling of security. It is not just the desire to have more money, but everything that involves the physical plane, such as sexuality or social status. It can also increase the tendency towards pessimism, the crystallization of habits and behaviors, towards establishing a routine, towards stagnation, towards the need to always do the same thing.

Major changes to the daily routine, the unpredictability of events or mere setbacks, can turn into anxiety , generated by the feeling of lack of control and the feeling of insecurity. Earth needs predictability , knowing what you count on, feeling that you are in charge of your life.

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On the other hand, the absence of the Earth Element in the birth chart can reveal itself in the refusal to remain, in the impossibility of resisting the call of change. This can be reflected, for example, in the difficulty in building a solid career – since the person does not have the necessary patience to build the foundations and wait for the results. Unable to wait for professional maturity, he quickly jumps to a new company or feels little recognized in his role (this is also one of the characteristics associated with an excess of Fire in his personality).

In the love sphere, the natives of this Element are too pragmatic and practical to be impressed with words and promises alone. Its main interest lies in the security, stability and consistency of things.