Two planets are known for Love compatibility


Love compatibility in horoscope

Speaking of love fortune-telling, isn’t it one of the themes of horoscope flowers?
When looking at the love compatibility in Western astrology, the key planets are Venus, the star of love, and Mars, the star of action.
Even though the compatibility with the Sun constellation is not so good, if you are attracted to each other strangely, it means Venus and Mars are Love compatible to each other. In this article, we will consider love affairs from the Venus and Mars constellations.

What you can see from each of the Venus and Mars constellations

Venus constellation → How to love ・ Attitude when in front of a loved one ・ Places to be worried about in the mood of the opposite sex
Mars constellation → Behavior pattern ・ Direction to the target ・ Expression of affection for the opposite sex Can be said.
For example, if the constellation of Venus is Taurus, it would like to express my affection in front of people without hiding my love. If Venus is in Scorpio, it will be fascinating to express your favor with attitude, facial expression, and mood, rather than taking an open approach. Mars has behavior patterns and styles, so if Mars is Gemini, for example, you will be the type to contact by email or phone even if you are far away, and you want to go to various places for dates. If Mars is Pisces, you’re often the other person and you’re passive, so it’s a good idea to be with the type you want to pull.

In this way, the properties of each constellation will appear in the regions of Venus and Mars. Depending on the combination with the Sun constellation, a normally quiet person may become bold when they are in love horoscope, or a normally healthy person may become confused when they are in love, creating a gap.

When the Venus and Mars constellations are compatible

If there is the same sign or the same element (group of fire signs traits, earth, wind, water) in each other’s Venus constellation or Mars constellation, it will be easy to have a smooth romantic relationship. In particular, if the Venus constellation and the Mars constellation have the same sign, it is not uncommon for them to be fatefully attracted to each other and to have a romantic relationship in a blink of an eye.
On the other hand, if the Venus and Mars constellations are not compatible smoothly, even if they have affection for each other, the approach method and expression of affection will be different, so it will be easy for them to not communicate well or to become disjointed.
In such a case, please know how to express the affection of the other party from the Venus constellation and the Mars constellation, and use it as a clue to know the feelings of the other party.

Moon constellation is also important

The compatibility of the moon constellations is also important when the relationship develops and the relationship is established. The moon constellation is the area that controls the unconscious part and the physiological reaction, so when it comes to spending a long time together, the compatibility of the moon constellations affects the comfort of each other. Also, if the sun constellations are the same element, the mottos for living are easy to match, so you will be a good partner who can understand each other’s lives and bald each other.

Receive each gift from Venus and Mars

Each person has various forms of charm and affection in it. Different people have different forms of affection and how they convey it, which creates difficulties in romance, but the difference may be a wonderful chemical reaction. We hope that you will be able to read from the Venus constellations and the Mars constellations, and refer to what kind of person you are attracted to and what kind of affection the other person expresses.