Native American Zodiac Signs | Meanings and Traits

native american zodiac signs

Native American zodiac signs are a unique form of astronomy. They combine the knowledge and understanding of nature, spirits in animals-the totemic system that was used to identify certain qualities or behaviors with specific creatures found on our land before we were Lewis & Clark expeditionists exploring this vast unknown country westward towards Oregon Country (or California).

A person’s birth sign can sometimes reveal their personality traits if they choose wisely enough when it comes time for them get baptized by fire–literally as well symbolically speaking because these 12 animal followers could just end up being everything from guidepost soldiers back home through guardian angels until life partners who will help bring bright days into your world.
You make your way through life in-step with your animal counterpart. The two of you dance a pattern that weaves your life experience. And although you will have more than just one animal alliance, these birth animals are always available to share wisdom and help you with your evolutional growth in this lifetime.

Why Native American Zodiac Signs Considered Significant?

The Native American tribes share a spiritual connection with nature, in the sense that they see themselves as part of it. They view animals and plants not just for food or materials but also because these creatures have spirits which may help them during times of need- both spiritually beneficial relationships with both human ancestors and Mother Nature herself are seen by many natives today. 

The Algonquin stance “your birth date is the first drum beat for an enchanted dance” shows how this belief affects life among indigenous families where celebrations serve two purposes; honoring one’s personal accomplishments while also celebrating all living things Native Americans had a close relationship with the natural world. They observed flora and fauna, their strengths as well weaknesses which gave them access to certain powers for performing difficult tasks such creatures that can see clearly in dark conditions like bats; however they also knew how important it is not make an enemy out those who might prey upon someone’s weakness so when hunting at night or trying times of hardship there was always one animal totem assigned into every person born during given time period – this belief states these people share traits from both animals symbols because some would have been more closely linked while others less than each individual has its own identity after all no matter what kind happening but right now we’ll be talking about native astrology. The following section explains these zodiac animals, along with their western interpretation and meaning. Find out which is your birth animal!

American Zodiac Spirit Animal Symbols

American Zodiac Spirit Animal Symbols

The Native American astrology signs are a bit different from the western astrology signs. While it does have 12 animal totems like in Western Astrology, each month of year will be divided into three zodiac animals instead of four as per usual; these are called Clans or Festivals which contain North Wind (Winter), East wind(Spring) and South-West Winds (Summer). You can figure out your own animal totem by looking at this quick chart below:

1. Otter (Jan 20 to Feb 18)

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Element: Air
Western Zodiac: Aquarius
Color(s): Silver
Stone/Mineral: Silver or Turquoise
Traits: Unconventional, Independent, Friendly
Compatible With: Deer, Raven, Falcon

Otter is known to be the oldest among the animals of the native american zodiacs. They are considered very curious and witty creatures that behave unlike any other creatures in its family. They’re creative, friendly towards others but Independent at heart with an intuitive view to life which may not meet the eye for them. Many people take this as being stupid or foolish when really it gets you where you’re going on track.

Otters are great friends and companions, but they can also become rebellious or unscrupulous if their out-of-the box perception is not compatible with society. This allows them to be detached from life for a while which gives otters that freedom in living on their own terms. Otter’s independence makes them feel free.

2. Wolf (Feb 19 to Mar 20)

Element: Air and Water
Western Zodiac: Pisces
Color(s): Blue-green
Stone/Mineral: Turquoise or Jade
Traits: Sensitive, Intuitive, Generous
Compatible With: Bear, Woodpecker, Snake

The Native Americans have a different take on the wolf. They see it as more than just dangerous, but also generous and caring with an incredible sensitivity to its surroundings that will affect every member of this clan very similarly depending what emotion or energy they are feeling at any given time

A single word can bring about a whole new world in which we Live our lives if used properly; “wolf.” This animal holds strong attachments not only outwards from themselves within their pack but inward towards those whom share similar emotions such has anger/frustration etcetera when hurtful words may be spoken against them without realizing how deep these wounds go because no matter who might come along later these individuals would remember everything said before.

Similarly, the bearers of this animal totem tend to hunt for spiritual fulfillment and the meaning of life. They belong to their pack, and a loss of any of its member, or their permanent lover, can prove to be devastating for them.

A wolf is a creature of great power and courage. They will do anything for the people they love, which makes them more than deserving of your kindness! When suffering from an emotional blow however; these animals can become extremely revengeful or impractical in their actions – depending on who hurt them most recently (and how). To keep this tendency under control during turbulent times: wolves need someone to keep their head straight and composure composed while staying loyal through thick-or thin alike because if anyone should change too quickly then there goes any chance at harmony between human beings again.

3. Falcon (Mar 21 to Apr 19)

Element: Fire
Western Zodiac: Aries
Color(s): Yellow, Green
Stone/Mineral: Opal
Traits: Powerful, Spontaneous, Sapient
Compatible With: Salmon, Owl

Another one of the native American zodiacs is Falcon. This bird, with its majestic wings and proud stature has been used to represent leaders since time immemorial – both in America as well as across ancient cultures like that of Zhou Dynasty China or Vedic India (500 BCE). In this society we see it clearly represented by being given power over others; these people have proved themselves powerful enough not only through their physical might but also intelligence which can be seen when analyzing situations thoroughly before taking action makes sense for them because they weigh every possible side-effect from beginning until end during any endeavor without hesitation whatsoever. They are the perfect role models for other signs that are hesitant and have doubts about their judgment. They are also the ones who instill passion and fire in the environment.

With all their self-opinionated nature, if falcons don’t find a positive environment where they can freely showcase their qualities then these people tend become highly impatient and rude. They also have trouble dealing with others who are disagreeable or unappreciative in any way because of how sensitive it makes them feel which often leads to tension between themselves as well on personal relationships not worth fighting over at times!

4. Beaver (Apr 20 to May 20)

Element: Fire and Air
Western Zodiac: Taurus
Color(s): Yellow, Blue
Stone/Mineral: Jasper, Hematite
Traits: Practical, Hardworking, Reliable
Compatible With: Goose, Woodpecker, Bear

It is remarkable how the beaver is highly strategic when it comes to digging underground tunnels and structures to create a safer haven for itself, free from the hardships and troubles of the outside world. Those belonging to this sign also believe in acquiring material possessions to live a comfortable life, free from misery and limitations. Which is why, they tend to use their heads while making decisions. Beavers are the perfect example of a “square peg in round hole.” They go with what’s already there, rather than being innovative and taking risks. However beaver parents can make up for it by providing their children everything they need emotionally as well as materially- from food to shelter; whether this is through making sure all buttons are pushed on parental expectation or just going out into nature itself (mating)

Beavers also have more redeeming qualities then one would think too: while soaring high at ambition level, these animals will become authoritative– getting themselves into trouble sometimes when not careful enough about controlling situations very wisely… but usually doing so quite skillfully once things start boiling over

It is also not easy for them to let go, for which they can be quite resentful and scheming.

5. Deer (May 21 to Jun 20)

Element: Fire and Earth
Western Zodiac: Gemini
Color(s): Yellow, Blue
Stone/Mineral: Agate
Traits: Moody, Intelligent, Conversationalist
Compatible With: Raven, Otter

The deer is an enchanter that grabs everyone’s attention. It is admirable for its looks, sharp senses, and swiftness. You will hardly find this creature steady at one place as it is always on the move, just as the member of this clan. Those born under this symbol are highly inquisitive in nature, which compels them to constantly move from one place to the other. They are also very particular about their appearance and tend to be well-groomed. Quick on the uptake, they’re great conversationalists who can charm practically anyone. Their moods change frequently and impulsively – but this makes them fun to be around! Although their lives are often filled with people seeking out stimulation from which one gets excited all over again (and wanting more), there’s also a downside: sometimes these wondrous friends become lazy or selfish when tired of being entertained…

The most important thing about your sharp friend is that you know what not do; make demands without giving something back in return–that kind-heartedness will only encourage bossiness because nobody wants another person demanding things while simultaneously taking little care for himself/herself. Being an equivalent to the western zodiac symbol, Gemini, these people can show their two-faced personality quite often due to their constant mood swings.

6. Woodpecker (Jun 21 to Jul 21)

Element: Water
Western Zodiac: Cancer
Color(s): Pink
Stone/Mineral: Carnelian, Rose Quartz
Traits: Protective, Sensitive, Supportive
Compatible With: Snake, Wolf, Beaver

Woodpeckers are known to provide the perfect nest for their offspring that consists of anything and everything that they need to thrive. So are the members of this clan. The woodpecker is a highly protective and supportive zodiac sign. They will play the part of much-needed listener who empathizes with love, patience, and understanding in their relationships. However on occasion for these birds can be overly protective with jealous feelings at times as well – this comes from having such sensitive nature that it makes thriving environments quite smothering sometimes. Woodpecker’s best live when there’s security around; however they also require attention like all other signs do too!

A defeated or unsuccessful woodpecker is likely to peck into your life without realizing its limits. The negative traits that may show in these times include possessiveness, anger, resentment, and jealously.

7. Salmon (Jul 22 to Aug 21)

Element: Fire and Water
Western Zodiac: Leo
Color(s): Red
Stone/Mineral: Carnelian
Traits: Proud, Energetic, Confident
Compatible With: Owl, Falcon

The Native Americans take inspiration from the salmon in many ways, one of them being the difficult journey it takes in its lifetime to find the perfect spot for reproduction. Those who bear this totem are known to have a salmon’s traits of being highly determined, focused and enthusiastic about their goals. 

The will-power is unvanquished in them which also means they never give up on anything or anyone which is what makes these clan members so powerful when it comes down the power rankings within any given environment – even if some people might not see themselves as having much potential at first glance because every single one can use that extra encouragement now and then. However, these people also possess the negative traits of being egocentric, obnoxious, and intolerant towards the need of others. In such situations, it is natural for others to lose their faith in those belonging to this sign, which in turn ends up hurting the salmon’s ego furthermore.

8. Brown Bear (Aug 22 to Sept 21)

Element: Water and Earth
Western Zodiac: Virgo
Color(s): Brown, Purple
Stone/Mineral: Topaz
Traits: Practical, Modest, Dutiful
Compatible With: Goose, Beaver

The bear is looked upon by the Native tribes as a creature who is methodical, intuitive, and levelheaded. This ability of the bear makes its clan members great mentors, especially when it comes to making others listen to the voice of reason. The modern bear has a practical and modest demeanor that makes for great confidants. They are also very generous, giving to those they love with an intellectual inquisitive mind in tow. But unlike other people who can sometimes be lazy or skeptical about their surroundings; bears tend towards being more introverted which prevents them from exploring all of the new things around them.

A negative experience in life may force them to stay aloof from mainstream society, where they live secluded in bitterness.

9. Raven (Sept 22 to Oct 22)

Element: Earth and Air
Western Zodiac: Libra
Color(s): Brown, Blue
Stone/Mineral: Jasper
Traits: Peace-loving, Friendly, Diplomatic
Compatible With: Otter, Deer

Ravens are known to balance the extremities of two sides. The Native Americans believed this bird began its life as a white bird. However, as it grew, some wrong actions and sacrifices changed its color from white to black. Hence, The Peacekeeper is a symbol of harmony, unity and peace. The person born under this totem strives for the environment to be one they can live in happily with their family unit or friends without conflict. They often act as an older generation member who has years upon wisdom that others look up too; giving advice when needed but mostly avoiding problems themselves out-of -curiosity driven fearfulness towards confrontation which may seem unappealing at first glance depending on how people are raised since most have never experienced true friendliness before its warmth

In conclusion: It seems like all we want now days (especially Americans!), where everything needs something more. Also, the otherwise easygoing and charming raven may, under difficult situations, become quite spiteful, harsh, demanding, and inconsistent in nature.

10. Snake (Oct 23 to Nov 22)

Element: Water and Earth
Western Zodiac: Scorpio
Color(s): Violet, Orange
Stone/Mineral: Amethyst
Traits: Impulsive, Secretive, Spiritual
Compatible With: Woodpecker, Wolf

Snakes are perhaps one of the most feared-yet-mysterious animals among all, and the same mystery is observed in those born under this clan. No one likes to be doubted, especially by someone who doesn’t know what they’re talking about. The snake knows how important it is that we trust in these secretive reptiles as healers due their ability rejuvenate themselves at regular intervals without revealing any sign of distress or injury from healing treatments- this also makes them excellent spiritualists since they can help us find peace during our times of need

Makes me wonder if anyone would ever think sick thoughts towards my father’s clan? They are spiritual beings, meaning, they always find themselves connected to the ethereal elements of this world. If they have a positive outlook towards others, these individuals can be extremely loving, caring, and supportive to the needs of others. Mess with them, and you will get their powerful and deadly strikes, because they can be highly revengeful, violent, and emotionally unstable in their actions.

11. Owl (Nov 23 to Dec 21)

Element: Earth and Fire
Western Zodiac: Sagittarius
Color(s): Gold, Black
Stone/Mineral: Obsidian
Traits: Adventurous, Broadminded, Independent
Compatible With: Falcon, Salmon

An owl is admired for many of its unique qualities, including its natural ability to look clearly in the dark. The totem animal for this clan is the mouse. This may seem surprising at first, but when you consider how these members are like and unlike their human counterparts; it starts to make sense why so many cultures across time have associated mice with wisdom. Mice generally live in large groups which makes them excellent listeners because they will always pay attention – something that can be difficult if not impossible among some animals who don’t care enough about others around them such as cats or dogs (too busy just being themselves). They also know how important advice from friends/family really

some people are like the moon, they govern what happens to them with their kindness and compassion. On the other extreme these individuals can become absolutely overindulgent or greedy if influenced by negativity – but they won’t care about anything related morals or ethics when it comes time for them self-centered goals

12.Goose (Dec 22 to Jan 19)

Element: Earth and Air
Western Zodiac: Capricorn
Color(s): White, Silver
Stone/Mineral: Quartz, Peridot
Traits: Dependable, Ambitious, Methodical
Compatible With: Beaver, Bear, Raven

The goose is admired for its ambitiousness and reliability. These birds are also very methodical in their way of living. Have you ever noticed how geese fly in V-shaped formations? They form a group with one strong female who is the leader, followed by two more females that are also quite powerful. This strategy helps break wind and pave way for others behind them so they can see clearly what’s happening on their path while flying towards goals – this typically leads to success at any cost because these birds are totally driven. It is said, that The goose is a people-oriented business leader who can bring practicality and seriousness to their work. They are known for being generous with family members, but also kind when it comes down the line of love interests or friends in general.

Although they are perfect in every way, the flip side of their character is that in an unfruitful environment, these people may live in the darkness of their inner self. Also, because these people are highly ambitious, it is likely that when in a rut, they may lose their emotional side and lead a very practical and mechanical life.

Final Thoughts

The Native Americans adored animals. They believed that by observing and communicating with them, one could unlock the mysteries of our world- which is why they chose only these 12 animal symbols for birth signs! 

We don’t really know what made them choose humans among all those other creatures though; but if you look closely enough at how similar or dissimilar each trait can be between humans and animals (or any two species), then maybe there isn’t such a large difference aftercall.

We hope that this guide on native american zodiac signs was helpful to you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Who First Created Zodiac Signs?

Ans. It is known that Babylonians created the zodiac signs first. They divided the sky into twelve parts and gave them a specific meaning and name, which eventually turned into the Gemini, Aries, Virgo, Leo, etc. 

Q2. How Do I Find My Native American Spirit Animal?

Ans. If you want to find your native american spirit animal, it is advised to seek help from your elders and spiritual leaders through rituals like vision quests, ceremonies, and more. 

Q3. Where Did Zodiac Signs Originate From?

Ans. Sources say that the zodiac signs probably emerged thousands of years ago during the time of ancient civilizations like Mesopotamians and Egyptians. These civilizations were able to notice and recognize repeated patterns of the celestial bodies and stars.