What is a horoscope and how it affects your life?

what are the effects of horoscope on life

The meaning of a horoscope is that there is a picture of the planets drawn in the sky at a given time. It can also be said that the Horoscope is a map of the time of the birth of a child or any other living thing. The time when a child or living thing was born. When this event happened, if we write the planetary position and sit all the planets accordingly, then the map prepared in this way will be a birth chart.

Astrology is the ancient belief that stars and planets influence our lives and destinies. It is a method of interpreting the movements of the stars that can predict the future. Astrology is not to be confused with modern astronomy, consisting of studying stars, planets, and other objects located in space in light of science and mathematics laws.

Astronomy can honor the Creator because “the heavens proclaim the glory of God.” On the other hand, astrology is a form of divination which attempts to predict the future based on signs from the natural world. If the stars control your lives, then they have divine power. In this case, you would consult them to guide and help. Astrology, therefore, turns our faith and our praise to created things, which is idolatry.

What Does the Bible say about Horoscope?  

The Bible Strongly Bans and Condemns Worshiping Heavenly Creatures. It also condemns divination and places it on the same level as the practice of witchcraft. Reading the Horoscope may seem harmless. But by doing this, you not only leave room for superstition in your mind, but you also turn to powers other than God to guide your life. Read the Bible. It reveals the God who created the stars and planets and gave life to each of us. Meet and know the Lord, and you will receive infinitely more than astrology can ever give you.

What is the point of using the Horoscope?

One can always transcend a negative aspect of the Horoscope with the right attitude. The essential interest of a horoscope is to arrive at an objective view of yourself. Your astrological sign is only a tiny part of your Horoscope. It corresponds to the position of the Sun in the Zodiac at the time of your birth. But many other clues influence your destiny in your Horoscope. Successive analyzes are necessary to arrive at a clear vision of your future thanks to the Horoscope. Each planet influences your Horoscope, good or bad, depending on its position in your sky chart. This is why establishing your astral chart (your chart of the sky) to define your Horoscope is essential.

The elements that come into play Horoscope For forecasts, we use the solar revolution. It is about a horoscope carried out for one year, giving the general climate and the events to come. For more details, it is possible to complete these predictions by studying the transits on the Horoscope. This involves comparing your birth chart with that of the Horoscope to be studied.

It does not give a rigid idea of ​​the personality. This can evolve, and even more, surpass itself, and the Horoscope can give the different avenues of investigation to achieve it. Self-knowledge is an essential key provided by the Horoscope, which allows us to lead our ideals towards realization, overcoming the obstacles that we often carry within ourselves. It brings them to light, and it becomes easier to uproot them the moment our Horoscope allows you to flush them out. We wish you a pleasant exploration through your Horoscope.

12 zodiac signs – 12 wanderings of the Spirit

New possibilities of astrology for transforming yourself and your destiny Astrology has always been interesting to you because it allowed you to look into the future, find out what can await you around the bend of the road, and choose the most favorable opportunities for yourself, taking into account the characteristic features of personality, determined your zodiac affiliation.

But now, dear ones, it is time for you to begin to use astrology possibilities more widely. What would you say if astrology allowed you not only to know your destiny in advance but also to change this destiny? What would you say if astrology showed you how to completely new possibilities to attain the highest well that is possible for you? What if astrology asked you to go beyond all the previous restrictions that your zodiacal affiliation had imposed on you? What if astrology allowed you to transform yourself and your life path in the way you want? The time has come to reveal those possibilities of astrology that were previously hidden. It’s time to start using astrology not only for knowing yourself and your destiny – but also for transforming yourself and your destiny, transformation on new, higher, Divine principles.


Transformation is the key concept that defines the processes that are happening to you now. You are transformed into beings of light, into Divine angels. You combine the nature of Spirit and the nature of man. Each of you is no longer an ordinary person. Each of you is a Spirit working in a human body. Do you think horoscopes have power over the Spirit? Of course not, if only because the Spirit does not have a date of birth in your earthly, human sense. The Spirit is eternal, immortal. The Spirit has always been and always will be. This isn’t easy to understand with human logic.

But this is so: each of you, as a Spirit, was never born and will never die. How can a horoscope, compiled by date of birth, act on the Spirit? The Horoscope has nothing to do with Spirit – but it has to do with a person. And since each of you is a being of a dual nature, so far, nobody has canceled your humanity. Therefore, of course, you remain under the influence of the Horoscope. But, notice, the more you connect with your Divine nature – the weaker the Horoscope’s influence, the less the traditional astrological forecasts have to do with you. Because now your life is, to a large extent, “predicted” by the Spirit. And the stronger the Spirit’s influence, the less meaning the arrangement of stars and planets at the moment of your birth on Earth becomes.

You are transforming!

Transformation is an alchemical process, or if you prefer, magical. You take those energies that are at your fingertips, the energies of the material world, and transform them into light and love. This is transformation; this is the alchemy of the Spirit. From light and love, you create your Divine shining Spirit capable of acting on Earth.

As you create your Spirit, your horoscopes also change – they transform with you. No, stars and planets do not change their location in your Horoscope. But their influence is transforming too. There is an alchemical, magical process of disclosure of previously hidden “capsules” or packets of information contained in your Horoscope, which was waiting for you to touch them with the energies of your awakened Spirit. Until the Spirit is awakened, you live under the influence of that Horoscope described by traditional astrology. But when the Spirit is awakened, you begin to get out of this influence. But this does not happen overnight.

This is a process that requires your active work. Each of you emerges from this influence at different rates. These speeds are related to the speed with which you get out of the influence of karma, with your pace of neutralizing it. The traditional Horoscope reflects your karmic predispositions primarily.

These karmic predispositions remain with many of you even with the transition under the “jurisdiction.” Not all of them can disappear instantly. As you free yourself from karma, your horoscope changes – namely, now it no longer reveals to you the fate prepared for you by karma, but the fate you should receive as a person carrying out the spirit’s tasks.