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lunar house


It is well known that the horoscope circle (radix) is divided into twelve fields and, with its houses and signs, taking into account the planetary influences in the natal chart, can provide information about the personality. The additional division into 28 lunar houses in the horoscope is less well known.

If the moon is in certain sections of the horoscope circle, this has an impact, both positively and negatively. The current position of the moon in a person’s transit horoscope always gives an experienced astrologer an indication of whether certain undertakings are promising or even have negative effects. The description of the moon houses is also important in the natal chart because the degrees in which the moon was at the time of birth can certainly provide indications of certain trends or inclinations in life.


Below is a list from the ancient astrological theory of experience about the position and meaning of the 28 lunar houses in the horoscope.

The first moon house goes from 0.00 degrees Aries to 12.51 degrees Aries

This lunar influence conveys a natural authority but also promises a certain desire to fight and travel. The person is usually popular and quick to grasp—good opportunities for self-employment and trade.

The second lunar house goes from 12.52 degrees Aries to 25.43 degrees Aries

Courage, but also high spirits and a willingness to take risks are the order of the day. According to ancient traditions, caution is advised with seafarers and with all kinds of shops. Profits from unexpected sources are possible (ancient astrology speaks of “favorable conditions for finding treasures”).

The third lunar house goes from 25.44 degrees Aries to 08.34 degrees Taurus

Here ancient astrology speaks of favorable conditions for seafarers and hunters. Good standing and a good reputation are the order of the day, as are good conditions for scientific experiments. Long trips and weddings, on the other hand, are considered unfavorable.

The fourth lunar house goes from 08.35 degrees Taurus to 21.25 degrees Taurus

Passion and strong feelings are indicated and should be overcome as they can be destructive. In the event of a dispute, ancient astrology advises caution. The conditions for real estate are rather unfavorable, but favorable for work.

The fifth lunar house goes from 21.26 degrees Taurus to 08.36 degrees Gemini

The sympathy of other people is almost certain in the fifth lunar house. In ancient astrology, one speaks of good prerequisites for studies of all kinds, but also of eloquence and persuasiveness. Certain volatility should be mentioned here as a less favourable influence.

The sixth lunar house goes from 08.37 degrees Gemini to 17.08 degrees Gemini

This is about the best conditions for all business activities that are connected to advertising. The old astrological teaching also speaks of good conditions and success in hunting. Ancient astrology sees these as less favourable conditions for financial affairs and healing efforts.

The seventh lunar house goes from 17.09 degrees Gemini to 30.59 degrees Gemini

Profits, fast recovery, friendships, affection, and encouragement from powerful individuals is favorable terms. According to ancient astrology, the ancestral cult is also popular here. Unfavorable prerequisites are to be mentioned when enforcing the law, freely according to the motto: being right does not mean being right by a long way.

The eighth moon house goes from 0.00 degrees Cancer to 12.51 degrees Cancer

There is a risk of a certain gullibility here. For family things, love and friendship, especially when travelling, ancient astrology sees the very best conditions here. All types of vermin can be successfully driven away during this phase of the moon. Employment relationships are not as good as a dependent. More success can be expected in self-employment.

The ninth lunar house goes from 12.52 degrees Cancer to 25.42 degrees Cancer

In female horoscopes, disagreements in the marriage can be assumed, while the old astrological theory of experience in male horoscopes assumes good conditions in marriage. Otherwise, this moon house is about romance and wisdom in a positive way and about discord and bad conditions when travelling negatively.

The tenth lunar house goes from 25.43 degrees Cancer to 08.34 degrees Leo

The horoscope wearer can assume reputation, wealth and professional success. This moon house also favors building renovations and renovations. In the horoscope, this moon house also stands for love and help that is bestowed upon you. In negative terms, a tendency to abuse addictive substances is mentioned here.

The eleventh lunar house goes from 08.35 degrees Leo to 21.25 degrees Leo

Classical astrology names good conditions for diplomats and travelling business people as positive. Profit opportunities through trading in goods are also indicated. Certain irritability, aggressiveness and the risk of accidents are negative in this lunar house. Happiness tends to fluctuate.

The twelfth moon house goes from 21.26 degrees Leo to 04.17 degrees Virgo

This lunar house is about love connections that are connected with social advancement, from which male horoscope wearers usually benefit. For women, in this position, the moon can lead to disappointments in love. Astrology in this lunar house describes the flourishing of plants and a good harvest as positive. Studies are also named as successful. There should be unfavorable conditions for seafarers and horoscope wearers in this lunar house should also be affected by a certain fickleness.

The thirteenth lunar house goes from 04.18 degrees Virgo to 17.08 degrees Virgo

If you follow the view of classical astrology, this lunar house is about profits and financial advantages. Travel also seems to be favored. Horoscope wearers are said to have good judgment and an energetic demeanor in this moon house—however, a softcore slumber in the rough shell.

The fourteenth lunar house goes from 17.09 degrees Virgo to 30.59 degrees Virgo

This is about good conditions for the healing of the sick, but long-lasting love should also be favored here, while conditions for travelling overland are rather poor.

The fifteenth lunar house ranges from 0.00 degrees to 12.51 degrees.

This moon house is said to be partly responsible for discord and divorce and to bring women no happiness in marriage. Obstacles are to be expected when travelling, and structures can be damaged. Favorable conditions prevail in this lunar house for drilling into the depths and the allocation of help in emergencies.

The sixteenth lunar house goes from 12.52 degrees to 25.42 degrees.

This moon house proves to be of little use to production and trade, and there are also less favorable conditions for travel and marriage. Flirtations and affairs that start in this moon house end badly. For the breeding of animals and their sale, however, ancient astrology sees the best conditions here.

The seventeenth lunar house goes from 25.43 degrees Libra to 08.34 degrees Scorpio

Classical astrology sees bad gossip and bad conditions in marriage here. The requirements for property and real estate and the optimization of unfortunate situations are described as favorable.

The eighteenth lunar house goes from 08.35 degrees Scorpio to 21.25 degrees Scorpio

This lunar house should provide good conditions for liberation from unfavorable locations and also offer protection from the dangers of brutal violence. However, the old astrology sees adverse conditions here as problems in the puerperium and the threat of conspiracies and discord.

The nineteenth lunar house goes from 21.26 degrees Scorpio to 04.17 degrees Sagittarius

Ancient astrology speaks of sieges and raids and unfavorable conditions for trade and the retention of permanent residence in this lunar house. Caution is advised here when handling liquids. According to the old astrological theory of experience, there should also be the danger that parents and children will be separated from one another.

The twentieth lunar house goes from 04.18 degrees Sagittarius to 17.08 degrees Sagittarius

Wild animals can be tamed, property enlargement, and disease resistance. This lunar house is said to influence people being forced to go to a certain place. Love and success are described as favorable, while the eyesight is unfavorable.

The twenty-first lunar house goes from 17.09 degrees Sagittarius to 30.59 degrees Sagittarius

This lunar house is about the danger of volatility, carelessness and increased irritability, but at the same time, healing is promoted. The implementation of a divorce should be uncomplicated in this moon house, and advantages for productions and buildings are also indicated.

The twenty-second lunar house goes from 0.00 degrees Capricorn to 12.51 degrees Capricorn.

If one follows the view of the old astrological empirical theory, prisoners in this lunar house should succeed in escaping successfully. The healing of health problems is also indicated. Borrowing money or speculating in the financial area is disadvantaged and the conditions in the marriage are not looking good either.

The twenty-third lunar house goes from 12.52 degrees Capricorn to 25.42 degrees Capricorn

Good conditions for politicians and doctors, but also soldiers. Bad situations can be improved so that divorce can become liberation or diseases can be cured. This moon house offers less good conditions for children, for contractual agreements and obligations.

The twenty-fourth lunar house goes from 25.43 degrees Capricorn to 08.34 degrees Aquarius

Victories can be obtained here, and there is unity in marriage. Planning proves to be successful here. The astrological theory of experience warns of unnecessary waste of strength in this lunar house and sees no good prerequisites for official acts of any kind.

The twenty-fifth lunar house goes from 8.35 degrees Aquarius to 21.25 degrees Aquarius

Not good for pregnancies, and the ancient astrology in this moon house also speaks of possible abdominal complaints in women. Curiosity and an uncertain fate are indicated—good prerequisites for medicine and science.

The twenty-sixth lunar house goes from 21.26 degrees Aquarius to 04.17 degrees Pisces

A moon house, in which the situation of dependency can be improved and also a lot of love and sympathy is indicated. Good conditions for marriage and agriculture. Whoever has this lunar house in the natal chart can look forward to wealth.

The twenty-seventh lunar house goes from 04.18 degrees Pisces to 17.07 degrees Pisces

Income growth and good income are indicated in this lunar house. The healing of diseases is also to be mentioned as positive here. The old astrology does not see this moon house as favorable in connection with a new beginning or a change of residence.

The twenty-eighth lunar house goes from 17.08 Pisces to 30.59 degrees Pisces

The twenty-eighth and thus last moon house promotes profits from trade and good income through productions of all kinds. Marriages also go smoothly and travelers reach their destination safely. Ancient astrology describes all kinds of dependency relationships in this lunar house as unfavorable. Courage and firm principles are also named positive.