The 12 Houses in Astrology and their Significance

12 Astrology House and their significancd

A brief description and explanation of the 12 Astrological Horoscope House. According to a certain order, the representation of the horoscope circle (radix) takes place on the part of astrology. The first rough basis is the vertical and horizontal dividing lines. The astrological houses have different themes. In further differentiation, the twelve fields in the horoscope picture come into play at some point. These fields vary in size from horoscope to horoscope and form the so-called astrological houses. This field’s size results from the exact dates of the birth of a person for whom a horoscope is being created.

Role of 12 houses in astrology

The 12 houses in astrology play a central role in the interpretation of the horoscope.

They stand for different topics and areas of life. The first House begins in the so-called nine o’clock position on the ascendant. Houses two to twelve are numbered in a counter-clockwise direction. Statistics come from this in the later horoscope interpretation, depending on the zodiac sign in which the respective house tips are placed in the astrology birth chart image. The placement of planets in the individual houses with all their aspects helps astrology further evaluate the horoscope.

 First House: Personality

 It is closely related to you personally and can be considered the most powerful House in your birth chart because it reveals everything about your external behavior and preferences, essentially determining WHO you are. It also states elements of your appearance.

Second House: Money, Feelings, Goods

It shows how you approach money, income, how you spend it, your purchases, your acquisitions, and what you consider to be of value to you. It can also show your ability to turn your hobbies or activities into something quite lucrative. Also, your relationship with food, sweets, and general pleasures.

 Third House: Communication, brothers, relatives

 Third House in the birth chart shows how you communicate, the image that others have of you, the short trips and excursions, the lower education, and you’re learning opportunities. Also, the way you express, speak, write, listen, and perceive your ideas and opinions and memory. This House also sees siblings, relatives, and acquaintances and your relationship with them.

 Fourth House: Family, roots, and home

 It shows details of the family you come from, what kind of family you want to have, your childhood, grandparents, parents, and ancestors. Indicates the way you prefer to live, the configuration of your personal space, how you feel intimacy, and the real estate family property. With a more open view, it also shows the mother on your birth chart.

Fifth House: Creativity, love, children

Your tastes, hobbies, hobbies, and how you can express yourself creatively belong here. It shows your arts trends, love life, lovers, and what kind of people you are attracted to, your talents, and your new ideas. Children and your relationship with them, as an extension of creativity, are declared in this House.

 Sixth House: Services, Health, Work

 This House shows how you feel most useful and how you can offer others in a work environment or some form of system. The conditions or the type of your work you’re working relationships—also issues related to health, hygiene, and cleanliness but also the environment, plants, and animals.

Seventh House: The others, relationships, cooperatives, partnerships, marriage

 Primarily states how you relate erotically, your marriage, and your perception of him, the spouse or partner you will choose to spend the rest of your life and, in general how you are in a relationship. It can indicate divorce or more than one marriage. Social life, events, public relations, cooperatives, collaborations with others, legal contracts or unions, common goals, social relations, and events are seen in this House.

Eighth House: Sex, passions, death, and rebirth

 This House shows your sexuality, your sex, and your preferences, passions, desires, and deeper feelings, the spiritual (sometimes physical) death but also your transformation or rebirth. It also applies to bequests, insurance, investments, legacies, contracts, loans, financial institutions, and others’ money management.

Ninth House: Exploration, higher education, and travel

 This is what higher education, abroad and long journeys, your spiritual activity, and wider communication. It can show a tendency to learn foreign languages and other cultures, manners, and cultures, broadening your horizons. Also, unfamiliar people and their influence in your life. On another level, it expresses philosophical concerns and writing.

 Tenth House: Career and public life

 This House sees your career, your professional reputation, and your reputation. It shows your approach to your goals and ambitions, the image you project professionally, social recognition, climbing the hierarchy and your social status. Finally, your skills in the professional arena and the success you can have. Sometimes he also states the father.

Eleventh House: Friendship, groups, society

 This reveals how romantic you are, your beliefs, your beliefs, and your social activities. It also represents friends, groups, and your potential involvement in the public, clubs, and associations. On a more personal level, it mentions your spiritual interests and similar goals.

Twelfth House: Secrets, occult, psychology, mental health, institutions, dreams

 The last and strangest House contains the mystery, the secrets, your relationship with the occult, your state of mental health, and your psychology, so it needs special caution. Also, your dreams and your relationship with them, your intuition, and altruism. Its association with hospitals, psychiatric hospitals, prisons is too direct, depending on the planets contained. 


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