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scorpio love horoscope

Scorpio people are born between (October 22 to November 22), the eighth Zodiac sign is ruled by the planets, Mars and Pluto. The sign of Scorpio is a Water sign, just like the sign Cancer and the sign Pisces. To find out what the stars have in store for your future love, discover your 2021 Scorpio love horoscope without further delay! Our astrological predictions will reveal the loving forecasts for your zodiac sign. Do you want to know if your astrological sign matches that of your Jules or the person you secretly love? Are you a couple or single? Here are different horoscopes dedicated to sentimental life: from the daily Scorpio horoscope to the weekly forecasts, through the monthly climate, your strengths and your weaknesses for the quarter and even a panorama of your love life throughout the year!

The love horoscope will no longer hold any secrets for you! Besides, you can find out if your astrological signs are made to be together. Let’s test your love compatibility 

Scorpio Love Horoscope

The astrological love predictions for the sign of Scorpio are full of good news. Your relationship will start this year under the best auspices; your mood will be in good shape. Having no real financial worries, arguments will be much less frequent, which will augur better days for both of you. The expenses you will make them please your partner.

During the autumn of dark clouds will appear and will make your life unbearable, you will end up exploding with anger without really knowing why, ending up causing your quarrels very difficult to accept, suspecting your partner of some sentimental pranks, which do not will be not real, but only imaginary.

And why these suspicions, entirely only because he will not respond as you wish to your romantic desire and will leave you somewhat hungry for tenderness. Although you are faithful to him, you will do everything to awaken a sensual desire in others. By awakening the jealousy of your partner, you will succeed in winning back the person dear to your heart.

Best Time of Romance

Scorpio romance bucket, In 2021 Venus, the planet of love, is in your Star Sign, Scorpio, from the third week of November to the middle of December. Whether you’re single or already part of a couple, you’ll be injecting more romance into your life now. 

 This is the best time for creating a forever relationship with the kind of depth and intensity you need to feel emotionally secure and happy. You’ll never commit to a love affair unless you believe it’s for real – and the chances of this being the case are a lot greater now.

Intimacy Level

At your best Scorpio, you’re a master of the art of effortless seduction, and never more so than when Venus (the planet of love) is visiting your Solar Intimacy Sector (the area of your Solar Chart ruled by your Star Sign), as it does for a whole four months from the start of April to the first week of August 2021. 

Because your hypnotic powers are super-charged now and your sexual charisma is at its height, sparking off a new love affair or reigniting the flame in an existing one is never going to be more comfortable. Use your Svengali charm wisely though, and especially during Venus’s Retrograde period from May 13 to June 25. Playing love games to prove your powers of conquest is likely to backfire on you then.

Relationship Compatibility 

Love compatibility with Scorpio:

· Aries: You will both want to preserve the freshness of your feelings.

· Taurus: Difficult at first, but you will complement each other wonderfully later.

· Gemini: You will fear betrayal, which will lead to a suspicious mood.

· Cancer: Your love is so strong that there can be no question of sharing.

· Lion: Difficult relationship because passion and anger will be difficult to live every day.

· Virgo: You will not be able to express yourself.

· Libra: Who among you will be the hunter or the prey.

· Scorpio: Quite delicate relationship, because you are fascinated by each other, but neither wants to make the effort to live together.

· Sagittarius: You will need change.

· Capricorn: If disputes arise, neither will make an effort to speak first.

· Aquarius: Pleasant start, then arguments will be too frequent.

· Pisces: A powerful, almost enchanting relationship.


At the start of the year, your mood will be at its peak, and your partner will pay the price. To be forgiven, you can say that it is Uranus’ fault, which puts you under tension. You will not endure any frustration, and yet your other half is probably the most crucial person in your life. Instead, plan and get more involved in your life as a couple. Hear Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto yelling at you to change your behavior. Reconcile your professional and love life, that one does not rub off on the other. Also take your moments, just to let off steam in nature for example, instead of spilling your venom on the people you love. You have been warned.

In 2021,aquarius love horoscope single you will essentially have at heart to develop your family ties in the right way! Whether it is to put an end to any quarrels, to redefine your role within the clan to find your place or to improve your living conditions, to close ranks and to flourish fully in an environment material and human that suits you, let us bet that you will spare no effort your friend Libra to await your goals and the harmony to which you aspire! Venus will promote exchanges between February 7 and March 5 where you will not hesitate to put yourself (and stay) in the listening of the other! Between April 3 and August 7, the delicious planet will invite you to develop your links whatever they are! Whether it’s the love of your loved ones, partner or elevation of the soul, then count on Venus to dig into the subject and allow you to raise the debates and the quality of your commitments! Exciting projects on the program between September 6 and October 2. Take the time to reflect between October 2 and 28. History to learn the lessons of the past and then to be able to apprehend a new cycle of your emotional life from October 28 in full knowledge of the facts and therefore in conscience!

Scorpio Couple Love Horoscope

Saturn has finally cleared the floor. Not without having weighed down your wings and often your morale in 2019! Family issues could indeed have weighed heavily in Libra. You will then appreciate even more the presence of Jupiter, which should give colour and warmth to your family life. A real estate project, an unborn child and the feeling of coming back to life? Venus will make you want to get closer to the chosen one and in fact to everyone between February 16 and 25, will give you wings and the ambition to push your loves upwards between April 15 and May 3, between May 22 and June 9 and between July 11 and 26! Any plans between September 15 and 24? Study them closely between October 11 and 19 to be ready to open a new page in your history as conscientiously as possible from November 5!

Single Scorpio Love Horoscope

2021, will be pleasant for all lonely hearts. Mars arrives in your sign to give you energy, daring and confidence, to come out of your loneliness finally. The gentle Venus will be on the lookout for the best partner to brighten up your days and nights. So try to open up to others. Thanks to these exchanges and your seduction, an unexpected meeting will emerge. You will feel, light , happy …. let yourself be carried away by living each moment intensely. You will be stronger together.