7 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Lloyd Washing Machine

lloyd washing machine
lloyd washing machine

Lloyd washing machines are the right choice for people who want premium laundry solutions at a bargain. Available in fully automatic (top load/front load) and semi-automatic variants, Lloyd washing machines are designed for India’s hot and grimy conditions. With innovative features like intelligent control, tangle-free pulsator, and water-saving technology, Lloyd washing machines are miles ahead of their competitors. 

Here is a detailed look at some of the features and functions that make a Lloyd washing machine so coveted.

7 reasons to buy a Lloyd washing machine

1. Choice of models: 

There is a Lloyd washing machine for every need and budget — high-end fully automatic front load models, budget semi-automatic models, and the popular fully automatic top load models. These machines are available in an astounding range of capacities 4 to 10.5 kg, to suit the requirements of every family, big or small.

2. Energy saving: 

This is another important feature found in Lloyd washing machines. The energy rating or power consumption rating indicates the electricity usage of a washing machine. Most Lloyd washing machines are rated 4 stars and above for energy savings. The higher rating implies that a Lloyd washing machine will consume less power for operation, resulting in long-term savings for you.

3. Affordable and reliable: 

Lloyd is one of the few brands offering high-quality semi-automatic washing machines in India. You can get an entry-level semi-automatic appliance for around Rs. 14,000. Meanwhile, the fully automatic (top load) range starts at around Rs. 17,000, while the fully automatic (front load) range begins at Rs. 28,000. The brand also offers a 10-year warranty on the motor. Do remember that buying a Lloyd washing machine on EMI online gives you access to the most competitive prices.

4. Multiple wash cycles: 

Lloyd washing machines offer multiple (up to 14) wash cycles including Quick wash, Delay wash, Cotton, Silk, Wool, Linen, Denim, Collar Scrubber, Soak wash, etc. Lloyd washing machines are approved for fabric safety by the renowned Woolmark company after rigorous and independent testing. Babycare technology ensures a thorough rinse performance to protect the skin from harmful detergent residue.

5. Steam wash function: 

Lloyd washing machines offer you the powerful steam wash option. The machine uses heat to generate steam which can sterilize and deodorize clothes by up to 99.99%. Using this feature regularly will give you clothes free from disease-causing molds and microbes. Although the steam wash feature is available on premium models, it is well worth the extra cost. If your find the price to be high, you can always choose to buy a Lloyd washing machine on No Cost EMI.

6. Powerful BLDC motors: 

Lloyd washing machines are equipped with brushless motors, which help to reduce friction while the machine is in operation. This leads to greater efficiency (power savings) and adds to the durability of the appliance. Additionally, BLDC motors are super quiet even when the machine drum is spinning at full speed.

7. Innovative features: 

Lloyd washing machines offer you features like intelligent control for automatically adjusting the wash cycle, water/detergent saving technology, smart stain remover, mini pulsators, etc. Moreover, the convenient Pause ‘N’ Add feature allows you to add clothes during an ongoing wash cycle.

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