What Americans believe about Native American Astrology and it’s Impact on Celestial Bodies


In the old days people used to believe in many things related to the stars and the moon. They used to notice omens and signs around them. There were many magicians, healers and other sages who had to interpret all these signs. Bear Totem in Native American is also called the Wheel of Life. It doesn’t pretend to be prospective: it’s a shamanic astrology. Its goal is to advise each other to live better, to agree with the nature and its nature. Native American tribes channeled their human forces into spiritual resources.

The North American Indians shared the belief that everything has a soul in other words, they shared the principle of animalism. Animalism can be considered as the primordial form of faith, and also of astrology! In fact: according to belief, all elements of the universe are linked and interact with each other. And then, the wheel of life is also the etymological meaning of the zodiac Signs

In astrology as we now know it, each part of the wheel is named after a constellation. In American astrology, each portion is linked to a totem animal. It is a kind of horoscope of nature! They observed life and nature, we observed the stars.

What Americans think about Native American Astrology? 

Most of the Native Americans believe astrology belongs to the area of Science. How American Astrologers think Science relates with Native Astrology and impacts on celestial Bodies?

Does American astrology work?

Horoscope reading was very common pastime, but what does science have to say about it?

70 million Americans read horoscopes every day. That’s according to the American Federation of Astrologers and Origin of Astrology. According to a study carried out by the Pew Forum of Religion and Public Life twenty years ago, 25% of Americans believe that the position of the stars and planets affects our daily life. In 2012, a public opinion poll found that 34% of Americans consider astrology a “highly scientific” or “somewhat scientific” discipline. Along the way, the number of believers astrology is “not at all a science” has declined from two-thirds to about half.

Native American Astrology is usually understood as the belief that astronomical phenomena, for example, the constellation at the time of your birth or the waning Mercury, somehow influence everyday events in our life and determine our personality traits. This is obviously not the same as astronomy, which is the empirical study of celestial bodies, outer space, and the mechanics of the universe The 12 Houses in Astrology.

Horoscopes, a rare, applied branch of astrology that forecasts the future and provides household guidance on how to live, is gaining popularity. Magazines like The Cut report that horoscope page traffic grew 150% in 2017 compared to 2016.

Obviously, many people try to interpret the stars’ gestures and seek guidance from them. Astrology is focused on the positions of the stars, and seems to be a scientific study in and of itself. Is there, however, any scientific proof that astrology has an effect on our personality and destiny?
Scientific study says no, but from Native American Astrologers perspective it effects. The formation of human body before arrival in this world is effected by the rotations of moon and earth, eclipses and what circumstances had happened before his birth. It all stores in that person subconscious mind and when he grows up he always attracts those bodies that are close to his totem chart.