Find inspiration in surroundings

how to find inspiration in our surroundings

Inspiration is a way to absorb the information you encounter in your life. To find inspiration, we must keep in mind that the mind is sensitive, not mechanical, but sensitive to reality.
Inspiration is a state of cognition, emotion, and commitment. Finding inspiration is essential. It brings a strong sense of well-being and is essential to the creative process. 
It’s not easy to define inspiration and something. It’s the process of being mentally inspired to do creative things. Therefore, the discovery of inspiration consists of creating the right conditions for the stimulus to appear.

This definition may be beautiful, but it’s not very specific. Inspiration can also be said to be a way of absorbing information in life. Because of this inaccurate expression, inspiration may be perceived as a complex, meaningful, and incredible phenomenon. How can you find inspiration in this sense? Below are some of the tips.

“Go in the direction of your dreams with confidence. Live the life you imagined.”

-Henry David Thoreau-


Inspiration is the state of experiencing discoveries about the essential aspects of life and reality itself. It is an intellectual phenomenon that requires knowledge. But inspiration also comes with true happiness that transforms into conviction, desire, and passion for taking action.

Some may say that inspiration leads to a moment of absolute joy. It is the ever-growing power that opens up the intellect and spirit. Inspired, you feel a genuine and direct connection to the entire universe. The pain flies somewhere, leaving only supreme peace.

Northwestern University neuroscientists Marcos Beeman and Edward Bowden and Drexel University’s John Counion have published an exciting study of inspiration. They explain that it has been proven that a brain region emits light at the moment of individual discoveries and inspirations.

Inspiration and motivation

People tend to confuse inspiration with motivation, but the two are different. Motivation is the ability to take action to gain some benefit or avoid pain. In other words, motivation is the pursuit of pleasure and the avoidance of pain. I’m motivated to do something because I think I’m going to get what I’m looking for, or I’m trying to prevent terrible things from happening.

Inspiration, on the other hand, goes one step further. Pleasure and pain are not necessary when feeling inspired. The results are so valuable that they can endure the pain with a strong force of inspiration. Inspiration pursues even better rewards. Inspired people can also devote their lives and endure humiliation in exchange for freedom for motives and purposes.

How to find inspiration

Finding inspiration is a process that requires significant effort and resilience. But there is a way to get closer to inspiration and eventually get it. The first one is meditation. Regular meditations boost your creative level. Meditation has been shown to change the way the brain works. It makes the process of creation easier, which in turn leads to inspiration.

Reading fiction books and doing creative activities are also ways to get inspiration. Through these activities, you can break your usual routine and gain a new perspective. Gaining a new perspective will sooner or later lead to the profound discoveries that characterize inspiration.

It is also essential to get enough rest. Get a good night’s sleep and change your mood once in a while. If you feel a dead end, try a new environment. Let’s take a rest without setting a deadline and return to the activity. This will inspire you and change your outlook on life.