Affordable Save the Dates that won’t Break the Bank


Save the date wedding cards are not a wedding essential like formal invitations. However, they are useful stationery to add to your wedding preparations. Save the date cards have many benefits, the most important being an early notice for busy guests.

Save the date cards are a cute, elegant, and stylish way to let your loved ones know that the wedding is coming, so they can ‘save the date.’ On average, couples spend nearly $150 on save the date invitations. However, you can reduce the costs even further by buying affordable save the date cards.

Weddings are expensive; the couple has to book a venue, make food arrangements, settle nuptials, and prepare for the life after. Therefore, it can be a little difficult to focus on tiny things like save the date cards. Much less spend a hefty amount of money on them.

Thus, it would help if you went for cards that are cheap and in your price range. However, cheapness should not mean ugly and low quality. There are numerous ways you can obtain a beautiful and elegant card for a low cost.

How To Shop Save The Date Cards On A Budget?

There are many things you can compromise on for an inexpensive save the date card. This article will explore different ways to conserve money on save the date cards for your wedding.

Consider Paper Weight:

The bulkier the paper, the more it will cost. If you go for a thick, big, or oddly shaped paper, you will have to pay more. Therefore, it is best to go with standard-sized paper of medium weight. Remember to avoid enclosure cards which will increase the weight of the invitation and consequently the postage.

If you are planning to buy acrylic save the date cards, go for 1mm acrylic invitations as they are lighter and have the same printing quality as bulkier ones.

Limit Customization:

While creating a completely customized save the date card is lovely, you must know that it is unnecessary. Online companies and invitation sites provide a lot of beautiful templates that are perfectly elegant, chic, and capturing.

Moreover, you can edit them a bit to give them a unique look. You can also request a little change in font, designs, and layout, which will be done for free. However, even if they charge you for edits, these changes will still be cheaper than creating a brand new save the date card.

Use Plain Envelopes:

Many people dish money out on extravagant envelopes; however, frankly speaking, they are a waste. These envelopes will most likely be tossed out. Therefore, there is no point in spending too much on them.

But if you feel that plain envelopes are too bland, you can buy some DIY envelope liners on theme stamps to decorate the envelope yourself. Doing this will save you money and give you some creative freedom to decorate your envelope.

Besides, paper envelopes are not fit for acrylic save the date cards as these cards are tougher and have pointed edges that can tear through the paper. In such cases, you have to buy a thicker envelope like sock envelopes which are made for hard materials like acrylics.

Cut Out On Expensive Printing:

Sure it looks great to have letterpress or foil stamping embellish your card, but at the end of the day, if you can’t afford them, it is better to opt for digital printing. Letterpress and foil stamping provides a unique touch to your save the date card.

But digital printing has advanced so much today that you can achieve a similar look with standard printing. Plus, save the date cards are extra. If you really want to send an impactful invitation, spend the money on your wedding invitations.


Weddings are a once-in-a-lifetime kind of event for most people. Therefore, it is understandable if you want to have the best for your big day. But this does not mean one can act rashly and waste money on extravagances. It is better to save money for more essentials and compromise a little on the extras in such situations.

Similarly, save the date cards don’t have to be your reason to break the bank. There are various ways to create a beautiful yet inexpensive save the date card for your wedding.